The Alienable Rights of Women.

In this essay, Gay explains that the burdens of reproduction directly fall on the woman in the pair hence she should have a say in how it plays out. Gay gives a historical account of how woman used to go through strenuous methods to abort, and birth control. Gay says that it is ironical that […]

Last Day of A Young Black Man

In the article, entitled – The Last Day of A Young Black Man – Roxane Gay narrates of the tragic event that happened in 2009, when a police officer- – shot a young black man, named Oscar Grant, who returned home after a celebration, in a back. As a result, a lot of protests and […]

Storify: Tale of Two Profiles, Racial Profiling

Racial profiling is an issue that is unfortunately plaguing people of color everywhere, and has become a terrible epidemic. Using our storify account as a platform, we were able to get an up close and personal look at some of the ugly, tragic, and racist injustices that have recently occurred in regards to racial profiling. […]

Spider People- A Blog Review

  When thinking about what we would use for our 5 point stance on critiquing another group’s Tumblr page we thought; what draws us in? What would make us come back and read more? So our 5 point stance is as follows…   Look of web page (what grabs our attention, layout, is it a […]